Club Warwick presents The Rolling Stones Experience with their special guest the amazing Laura Doolan. Performing our tribute music since 2008 to audiences of up to 8,000 people throughout Australia.John van Zyl (taking on the role of Mick jagger) has been a Rolling Stones fan since he was a skinny 15 year old kid, he was introduced to the Rolling Stones by another kid that had just arrived in Australia from London, looked like he belonged in the Beatles and was armed with the first Rolling Stones album.John recalls, Ron was a very average bass player but he looked great in all his Mod clobber, his Beatle ‘mop top’, and he had that cockney accent, all the girls were asking about him . We couldn’t resist, we had to have him in the band and under his direction we all started dressing more like an English band.The fact that Ron had bought the Rolling Stones album with him (not released in Australia at the time) really got me excited and we (the band) had added most of the songs from the album to our song list within a month.I had seen Mick Jagger on TV and was trying to copy his movements, we started getting better crowds, mainly girls coming to check out our ‘Mod’ bass player and this guy pretending he was Mick.The fact that the tabloids were calling the Stones dirty, disgusting undesireable louts with unkemp greasy hair made them all the more appealing to me and set our band apart from a lot of others that were playing Beatles music..I loved the Beatles but so did my parents, the Fab Four were squeaky clean, well mannered and neatly dressed but they just stood there playing their guitars and sang.The Stones on the other hand were grungy, arrogant, rebellious and parents hated them, they were my kind of band. The ‘Untamed’ as we called ourselves were my first ‘sort of’ trbute to the greatest rock n roll band in the world, we lasted for about a year and went our separate ways.’It’s been roughly forty years since that first band and I’m still as excited about playing the Stones music as I ever was, so back in 2008 I thought, well, what’s stopping me from doing this again ……nothing’.I started gathering anything and everything I could about the Stones, dvds, books, vidoe clips, interviews, and started putting together a show aimed at giving an audience the experience of ‘almost’ being at the real thing.Now the show has been together for many years and we’ve been performing to audiences with up to 8,000 people at the Pan Pacific Games, Corporate Conferences, Festivals, Clubs and Hotels, in Queensland, NSW and Tasmania. Soon we’ll be playing in more states and also overseas.So, if you love the Rolling Stones music, want to feel the energy of the greatest rock n roll band in ther world and have a great time singing along to all your favourite Stones classics,’come and experience……………THE ROLLING STONES TRIBUTE SHOW EXPERIENCE

The Rolling Stones Experience

  • The Rolling Stones Experience at Club Warwick RSL, Kings Theatre